Commercial Real Estate and Real Estate Consulting Services


Village Brokers Inc. offers Commercial Real Estate consulting services that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and are designed to identify problems and help implement solutions. 

Using an integrated problem solving approach, we are committed to meeting our clients' goals in a seamless and transparent fashion.

Our experience with the multi-faceted business of commercial and industrial real estate, allows us to offer our expertise for the following real estate consulting services in plain English:

  1. Land Acquisition
  2. Multi-Family Acquisition
  3. Purchase of a Business
  4. Purchase of a Franchise
  5. SBA application assistance, and preparation of submission documents
  6. Commercial lease negotiation
  7. Determination of business value
  8. Commercial lending placement
  9. Assistance with SBE applications
  10. State and local re-development matching
  11. Assist with market valuations for insurance
  12. Assistance with tenant transitioning
  13. Property tax disputes
  14. Investment and Financial Analysis
  15. Investment Performance Measurement
  16. Risk Evaluation and Management
  17. Lease Analysis for Landlords, Tenants and Investors
  18. Before and After Tax Yield Analysis
  19. 1031 Exchange Investment Analysis
  20. Sensitivity Analysis
  21. Lease Buy Out Analysis
  22. Cash Flow
  23. Risk Analysis
  24. Development and redevelopment of feasibility studies
  25. Apartment Building Acquisition

We have set up our company with 2 points in pricing, One offers hourly billed consulting services at $120.00 per hour, and the other offers package service pricing based on your needs.


For more information please contact Nicole Court at 720-363-7801 or




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